Bartow County GA — Large cent found!

Mike, Taylor and I went metal detecting in Bartow county GA this morning. We were hoping to find civil-war era relics…but we found even older!

Mike’s find using a Minelab Equinox 800 include a 6″ antique key, early 1800’s candlestick holder, 50 in trade Maverick token, 1907-1936 good luck Membership emblem of the don’t worry club tom Schneider political token and a 1843-1857 large cent.

My finds using a Garrett GTI 2500 were not quite as impressive. I found a 1940’s-1950’s Bartow County Fair thimble and unidentified piece of metal.

Here are some more photos of the finds:

Here is an example of what the candle stick holder from the early 1800s would have looked like complete:

Early 1800s candle stick holder — courtesy of AntiquesNavigator.com

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