Metal Detecting Daytona Beach FL — Day 2

You’re probably wondering what happened to the day 1 post, but the finds were so dismal that there was nothing to write about. Trina, Taylor and I found a whopping memorial penny, a tent stake and a few trash items like foil, bottle caps and other typical beach trash on day one.

Comparetively speaking, we did much better on day 2. I found two quarters and two zinc pennies. Trina found a quarter and Taylor unfortunately struck out and we never found any of her targets. This year were using my dad’s Garrett AT Max while detecting Daytona. Last year I was using my GTI 2500. To setup the AT Max for salt water beach detecting, I’ve been ground balancing the machine, turning the sensitivity down three notches and also turning down the threshold to negative six. The machine is fairly stable and a couple of the quarters were 6-8 inches deep, but all the coins found are new drops (very little corrosion, even the zinc pennies). We did have two signals that might have been ghost signals. They read 81-82 on the meter and were very repeatable, but after digging about 12-15 inches, I gave gave up on the targets. I guess that could have cans super deep but I never found them, so we’ll never know.

The AT Max seems to be a great VLF machine for beach hunting, but I think I need to get a good pulse induction to really hit it hard.

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