Metal Detecting 1906 Farmhouse — North GA

Mike and I went back to the 1906 farmhouse in North GA. We’ve hit this spot numerous times and the finds keep coming. Here are my notable finds from the hunt (using Garrett GTI 2500):

Finds include a 1946 silver dime, three wheaties (1941, 1956 & unknown), an old buckle and a token with Thomas Edison on the front and a shell on the back
Close-up of token (front), silver dime and wheaties
Close-up of token (back), silver dime and wheaties
The Shell Famous American’s coin game was part of a 1968 Shell promotion game. If you collected all six scientists & inventors, you could win $5000.00. Considering my token was lost, I don’t think the previous owner of the token won anything in this promotion!

Mike did a great job too! He was hunting with his trusty Minelab Equinox 900 and his finds include a WWII uniform button, a 1920’s Model T dust/grease cap, a 1969 tootsie toy (very bad shape) and a “America First” SW Ashworth Buford GA tag (unknown). I attempted to research the SW Ashworth company, but I haven’t found any results.

1920’s Ford Model T — showing location of dust/grease cap that Mike found using Equinox 800
Close-up of S.W. Ashworth, Buford GA tag from using Minelab Equinox 800. My guess would be the tag came off a piece of equipment such a vacuum cleaner or farming tool. Anyone with more information, please comment below!

It started to rain, so our hunt was cut short, but I had a great time! It’s always fun to get out there and find some treasure!

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